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SLAY: the Amazing Puppet Show

Slay is the game where all black people can be themselves and avoid discrimination, but will it last?

Image by: Ashton Mullens

For my inhale, I read and annotated the book "SLAY". I annotated for emotion in words/speech and my goal was to explore a new genre of text. I after used strategy and technique to bring characters to life and make a poppet show on a scene. I am most proud of the puppets I made and how I created the voice overs.


Kiera: *puts on VR gloves, headset, and socks, goes on her rug and becomes Queen Emerald.*

Emerald: *Computer shows up and emerald types on computer (logs in) computers goes away and comes back and emerald types, she teleports.*

Very Tall Player: “Queen emerald! We meet at dawn.”

Emerald: *walks forwards on the purple carpet. .she starts running. The + button appears and she presses it and becomes bigger. She ducks and goes into the arena.*

*Everyone cheers.*

Kiera: *walks in place on her rug.*

Emerald: Keyboard comes up and she types: “welcome, kings and queens, tonight we await a fierce match between two of the greatest magicians in the Tundra. Our very own civil war. In one corner of the ring--some call her a voodoo queen, some call her a dark witch, and others just just just call her the shadow. Please welcome . . . Zama!”

Zama: *races into the arena.*

Emerald: “And in the other corner, we have a wild card of a warrior. They’re mighty, they're unpredictable, and they have a whole book of tricks up their sleeve. Please welcome PrestoBox!”

Presto: *races up the stairs.*

Emerald: “Kings and queens, you know the drill, we are here first and foremost to celebrate black excellence in all its forms, from all parts of the globe. We are different ages, genders, tribes, tongues, and traditions. But tonight, we are all black, and we all SLAY.”

Player With a Shrill Voice: “I love you, Zama!”

Emerald: “The rules of duel engagement are simple, each dueler will draw six cards-two battle cards, two hex cards, and two defense cards. Once the cards are drawn, duelers will have ten seconds to determine the order in which they want to use their cards. Duelers will fight using two cards each per round, in any combination they choose. In regular duals, dueler one will launch attacks at the same time as dueler two, but because this is the tundra semifinals, and because luck makes everything more interesting, for this match, the dueler who draws the higher initial card will be allowed to use their first two cards five seconds before their opponent in round one. Defense cards beat battle cards, battle cards beat hex cards. In round two and three, duelers will launch attacks at the same time, as per normal duel rules. The scores will appear on the megaboard as the game progresses, and the drums signal the beginning and end of each round. Is everybody ready?”

*The crowd cheers.*


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