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Star wars Visions review: An artsy tale

For my inhale I watched Star wars Visions and took notes on each episode. I then spent a few days thinking of how I would rate each episode. After I decided I began writing my script of the review.

Remember this is just my opinion so if you watched the show and disagree with me, oh well

"So, Star Wars Visions is the most recent show in the Star Wars franchise since the Bad Batch. It’s an anime show with each episode being a different story of characters. Quite interesting for a franchise that was born in the 70’s.

The plot of each episode is actually quite decent. There’s no big buildup or little teases there and there like you would expect from a show. Instead each episode acts like it’s own short movie. Like the ones on disney+ made by pixar. The plot is very easy to follow, and can sometimes get you at the edge of the seat. I just think the story is really rushed. But considering that each episode was on average 15 minutes long, it’s understandable.

Every episode has some distinct meaning from one another, even if it’s not obvious. Even the episodes with no absolute context. The meaning of each episode is so simple, yet so effective. It feels like meaning is sitting right next to you while watching the show. Episode 1 is just a black and white battle that tells you to trust your instincts (I think). Episode 2 is about not pushing your loved ones away. Again the meaning isn’t always clear. Sometimes you have to really relate to the paced story.

The artstyle is what shines the brightest on this tv show. Each episode's art has this feeling of magic. It’s no wonder considering the fact that this was made by some of the best anime companies out there. Honestly this is their best work of art. From the amazing choreography of the fights, to the outstanding sequences, it’s like Star Wars was originally an anime."

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