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Super Amazing "Gemina" Stuff and Artist Statement

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Gemina is a very interesting book with an even more interesting format

I read the book Gemina to explore text from a perspective different from my own, and notice how the text reflects the culture of the creator. Compare the perspective of people, culture, and values to those of your own. The following is my attempt at creating a personnel log of Heimdall before it was destroyed to create a text that uses strategies and techniques to bring characters to life.

Artist Statement

This is supposed to be a personnel log of Heimdall before it was destroyed ( I only included the main characters) I did not include characters like Ezra, Kady, and AIDAN because when they arrived Hemidall was burning down under 2 drones attacks, and invaded by a hostile Beitech team, so I don’t think anyone would bother adding them as they are probably were just trying to stay alive. Ella and Nik aren’t supposed to be on the personnel log either as they are illegally on Heimdall and don't have personnel trackers but if I didn’t put them on there it would be only Hannah and also they are the main characters too. Also, I made it so the questions would hopefully show the character’s personalities except for Nik’s.

For the personnel log of Nik (sweet helmets because when they were talking about the battle of Thermopylae Nik credited the Greek's ability to hold out to their helmets and later asked for a cooler display name). His personnel log has been rewritten by his prankster cousin who is a very pro hacker (the last edited by pauchok in the corner) but the part about the dog and his brother is written from the perspective of Nik as Ella probably wouldn’t know about it. Also, I put Super Turbo Awesome Team vs Turbo Super Awesome Team as it is the only film mentioned in the series and Hannah admits she watches it to AIDAN when they were trying to save Heimdall.

For the personnel log of Hannah, I tried to make it very Hannah-like by adding the exclamation mark and sad faces as she does that in her journal typical 10-year-old behavior and also it was before her character development so she’s still the very spoiled princess.

For the personnel log of Ella, she is quite funny also in the books and also she lost all her muscles in her legs when she was just a kid. Also, Ella wasn't the type that used proper grammar and pauchok is not capitalized in the book. Random note Grammarly keeps trying to change pauchok to paycheck maybe it also thinks Ella has bad grammar.

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