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Survive The Xenomorph


Burt Group Leader also Dan's Grandpa

-Louis Hacker- Expert at everything

-Dan Burts grandson also took over the group when he died

-Summer Shelby's mom

-Tom Dan's best friend

-Shelby Dan's Girlfriend, AKA Summers Daughter

-Kelly A kid

-Trapper the 1 that tried to get them all killed

After Burt had died to this metal monster his grandson took over to help protect the kids and get them back to there home. As much as he tried 3 had died due to this monster, Dan (Burts grandson) Tried so many different ways to kill him but it just would not die. They tried a fence wired with 24k volts, gas explosions and even grenades down it's through. So their best bet was to call in Dan's best friend Tom to come get them all out of the wilderness.After Tom landed he asked where's Burt? Dan said i will tell you on the way just get us out of here now. Tom refused to leave then he said Where's Clare, Dan said TOM we have to get out of here now before he comes.Tom asked Who's he? There's a huge metal monster that keeps coming to camp and killing us. They heard the noise *BZZZZZ BZZZZZ* Louis said Oh no it's here Tom get us out,As Tom took flight The monster jumped up on the chopper and tried to kill tom, As tom got lower to the ground all the kids and Dan jumped, Kelly asked where is tom going. Tom crashed into a mountain and the monster fell and broke. Dan said i think we drafted him.Louis said i don’t think so let's get out of here. Dan had said let's go to summer's house. As they got there Dan told Summer there's a monster trying to kill all of us. After a few minutes the got the signal

*BZZZZZz BZZZZZz* Louis stated he is here again EVERYONE HIDE!!!!. After a long 20 minutes ago Dan was Yelling Shelby Shelby where are you, Everyone started to look for here. Summer and Louis saw Dan on the floor crying, they walked over and said Dan whats wrong. Dan in all tears said there's a blood trail they took Shelby. As much as he didn't want to die and leave the kids all alone Dan jumped on Summers quad and followed it,

It led to a huge cave. In the cave there were a lot of dead body's and skulls,( He said to himself She's dead ). After a long walk Dan found him on the floor with 1 of his babies eating into her skin. Dan pulled out Burt's shotgun and shot the baby off her body. After the shot he got the signal that the Monster was here, Dan picked her up on his soldiers and ran out of the tunnel to set her on the quad, Dan started up the quad and drove as fast as he could back to summers. The monster followed him right into the garage but Dan and Shelby got out. There garage was full of gas barrels, Summer drove in the garage and said this is for Burt you B!t3h and the gas cans blew up and Summer and the Monster both died.

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