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That one asian from Calgary.


8th-Grade Student Co-founder Of The Oddjobs Organization.

Canada- Calgary


Isaac was born in 2008 and has been raised in Kuala Lumpur, Kazakhstan, and Calgary by two loving parents and a younger brother. He received education in many different schools and currently sustains an education in Griffith woods school. During his schooling life, he realized he was passionate about becoming a lawyer.

During his short life in Calgary, he had many friends and family who would visit often, he then grew many interests and passions. At the young age of 3, his younger brother would come home, and a new friend was made. They would not stay in Calgary for long as their dad would be moved around the globe for international work.

His life growing up was short but packed with excitement and cherishable moments, as the friends, family all would stay with him, until he moved back to Calgary to carry on his old life. He restarted schooling, friends, family, and everything else. His life in Calgary would stay as he’s been here since 2014.

Within his life he’s set the goal to help people, to make the world a better place than when he left it. His life goal is to help more people than him, his view of the world is two steps forward one step back. He therefore vows to take those two steps, forever.

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