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the best amazing spider man review to inform you.

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

this review is the best review to inform the reader about the amazing spider man .

you can read or use this for many things for example if you wanna know if the movie or the movie is good you can read this review to inform you or if you wanna know what the movie is about you can read this review.

What's the story about?

Peter Parker as a kid sees his parents leave him at his uncle and aunt's home. They go on vacation and never appear to come back dieing a plane crash. He grows up to be a nerd in high school and gets picked on by a bully, despite that, Peter loves science and goes to the lab (oscorp biological lab) where his father used to work. When he goes there he sneaks into a secret room in the back where he gets bitten by a radioactive spider. There he takes the powers of a human spider where he uses his powers for good and swings around his neighborhood saving citizens and stopping criminals all undercover with his superhero suit on. Despite that he was not able to save his uncle Ben who later dies trying to stop a robber that walked out of his local convenience store.

Is the movie any good?

In my opinion I think the amazing spider man is a great movie. Andrew Garfield really makes the movie feel like real life emotions not acting. His ability to act with a spiderman mask on and not show his emotion through his facial emotion is great. He uses a lot of his body movement and this was one of his best movie performances ever in my opinion. Marc Webb did a great job. He has Spiderman (Peter Parker) fight the villain in the movie the lizard and has a great romance with character Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone).

post credits scene :

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