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The Devil Demon

For this R2b, I annotated the book that's called "The Pig That Wants To Be Eaten." This is a book about philosophy and theory. for my inhale annotates I looked at options and real-life world views. I connected anything that relates to me and any of their theories. I also realized how some chapters related and connected each other. Each chapter gives different philosophy and theory. I saw how some charters were used again and each had characteristics.

The formate of the book was made also really nice, it gave the theory and formate. As if it gave a story at the start using different types of characteristics. Then after explaining the story on one page, the narrator starts explaining the story in an extended way. It talks about the theory and its meaning behind it, but also leaves some mystery to it too. They also leave their own options too.

For my Exhale, I made a podcast talking about the book. Because my goal is mainly focusing on options, I had a guest with me too. To compared are options and what we think of the theory. Because there were lots of theories in the book, I decided to pick the first theory, which talked about demons and spirits. To make my work more organized, I made a script of what we are planning to say.

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