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The Duck Song

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

In my inhale, my goal was to annotate the Duck Song part one. I annotated the Duck Song using Irony, rhyme scheme, and personification. I am pretty proud by the amount I added. I also paid attention to its rhyme. As for my exhale, I made a video recreating The Duck Song.

The Duck Song is a kid's song on YouTube. The person that made it was Bryant Oden. It talks about a duck going up to a lemonade stand to ask for grapes. The man running the lemonade stand tells him that he has no grapes and only lemonade. Then the duck leaves after the man said no.

After the next day, the duck goes to ask again, but the man said like yesterday, he didn't have any grapes. The duck said "Goodbye". Then he waddled away. And The same thing happened the next day.

After day 4 the man threats the duck that if he didn't go away his going to glue the duck on the tree. But then when the duck came back, instead of asking for grapes, the duck asked for glue. The man was confused then realized it was because of yesterday. The duck after that asked for grapes again. The man didn't get mad this time but instead brought the duck to the store and got them some grapes. The duck said, "Mmmmm, No thanks." For the grapes. Then said, "It would make my day, do you think this store has any lemonade?" Then he waddled away.

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