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The weird and wonderful life of Leanna.

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Live in the life of grade 8 Leanna's life for a few seconds.

Leanna has a life of unordinary. With hobbies, events, friends, family and more. Lets take a peek in to the life of Leanna H.

As a teanager, Leanna is a student at Griffith Woods School, Calgary. In school she loves the subject science, because when she is older she wants to be a biochemist, focusing on genetics. She also loves doing experiments because trying out her studies excites her. She is also fond of social studies.

Leanna’s personal life includes hockey, guitar, and art. She was raised by a mother, father and has a younger brother. Currently at the age of 13 she has two cats named Peanut and George. With her and her family they love to go on hikes together.

Besides her family, at school her friends describe her as kind, creative, and funny. That is Leanna in a couple of sentences.

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