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The Life of Payton K.

Name Payton K.

Age: 13

Occupation: Student

Residence: Calgary, AB, Canada

Payton is a student at Griffith Woods School in Calgary, where her favourite subjects are science and PhysEd. A couple of her interests are soccer and learning about inequality.

Starting at age 3, Payton found a great interest in soccer. Now she plays on a tier 1 team where she is currently the team captain. Within the next year, her goal is to play on the AYSL and Alberta teams.

Payton also likes to read and talk about the inequalities in today’s society. Her favourite topic is gender inequalities and stereotypes. Payton says she finds this topic interesting because she has to face some of these inequalities too.

Any free time Payton has is spent reading, baking or painting. Best of all though, would be playing board games with her parents and two siblings.

In the future, Payton is hoping to go to university to become a lawyer and play on the university’s soccer team.

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