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The Myth of The Tribal Windigo Compared to a Greek and Chinese Myth

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

The Windigo is a deadly ancient myth that is very similar to the Werewolf in story and has a very similar strength from my culture


My Goal for my Room 2 Breath inhale was goal number 6 and goal 10 for my exhale. My topic that I have researched about is about the Windigo which I have read about many stories about the Windigo and what this Creature really is. A brief description on what the Windigo looks like is a 15 foot tall creature that originated as a human that transformed into a Windigo that feeds on the socially disconnected people from society. The second part of this topic as about comparing similar stories to the Windigo and also comparing a Chinese myth in my culture as well.


In my exhale, i used goal number 10. With my Information that i have gathered up, i have created a Google doc about my personal thought about these myths. The google doc contains a deep description of the origin of where the Windigo is from and why it is such an important lesson to learn from. I have also read about the Werewolf which is a Greek and Roman myth that is also a cannibalistic story, and a very powerful and superior myth in my culture which is the Chinese Dragon.

To read the pages for my exhale, click here

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