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Which Nissan GTR Is The Best in My Opinion. Is It Really The R35?

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

You like GTR's well I'm discussing which GTR is the best in my opinion. This also includes a spectacular art piece created by Ibrahim.


I chose to tune in to Donut Podcast and listen to the one about the Nissan GTR's and their history. My goal for this was was to interpret and explain the qualities of the characters and to express and expand on my own opinion. With that understanding and Knowledge, I illustrated all of them in a row from oldest to newest and also included an artist statement. I also included some little touches to finish the job. I am very proud of how I put meaning into my artwork.


Artist Statement

This text shows all the Nissan Skyline GTR's from oldest to newest. In the background between the R34 and R35, you can spot Godzilla. At first glance, you might think that has nothing to do with anything. Though if you are a GTR fan or know a little something about GTR's, then you would know that the nickname of the Nissan Skyline GTR’s is Godzilla.

The indication of where these cars were made is the red sun which is from the Japanese flag. I chose to put this because being JDM cars is a big part of their personality. The writing on the building is 日産 which in English is Nissan, therefore providing us with the knowledge that the cars are made by Nissan.

The blue Calsonic written underneath the building behind the R32 represents the blue Calsonic R32 that won all twenty-nine races of the 1990 to 1993 Japanese touring car championship.


My Opinion

Out of all the Nissan Skylines GTR’s, my most adored has to be the R35. There are 3 things I admire about the GTR R35.

The first one is the unique design of the R35. The streamlined and aerodynamic body that makes it slice through the air is what took me over at first. I also admire the vertical lights on the front because they give a less aggressive look than the R34 which has horizontal lights. I am very fond of the classic circle tail lights which have been on every skyline and respect Nissan for keeping the tradition on their newest sports car.

Dima Panyukov

The second thing I admire is the power of the R35, its engine is built by hand by Izumi Shioya, Nobumitsu Gozu, Tsunemi Oyama, and leader Takumi Kurosawa. These people are called Takumi ( Master Craftsman ) together they have over 100 years of combined work experience. The engine is a V6 that is twin-turbocharged and makes four hundred and eighty-five horse horsepower which is just ridiculous.

The last reason why I love the R35 is because of how unique each one can be there are various different body kits like Pandem, Rocket Bunnies, and my personal favourite the liberty walk. You can tune The R35 to shoot flames or for drag races or even to have more horsepower. You can add different accessories like wings and skirts and front lips. It is a very unique and customizable car and I hope to own 1 in the future. Do you agree or prefer one of the other GTR's over the R35?

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