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Popular Book Characters Get Turned Into Poems

Updated: May 30, 2022

The characters from the recently popular book series- 'The Selection' gets turned into Japanese Haiku poems. The goals that I used in this project were 1,4,6 for in inhale and 9, 11, and, 12

'The Selection' by: Kiera Cass, a book that I think is well worth your time to read. The characters from the recently popular book series gets turned into Haiku poems. If you're interested in reading or have read the book(s) click the link here to hear the poems about some of your well loved book characters or your favourites.

You will also get to learn and hear a bit about the style of poetry that isn't as popular. This style of poetry can be quite difficult to write because of the amount of syllables and the pattern it follows. If you want to learn more about the style of writing click this link.

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