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The Speech that Changed Lives

By: Ethan


What is your point of view on racism? This is mine.


I created a speech on racism about my thoughts on it in 2022. My speech talks about my inspiration Martin Luther King Jr. and what it is like to be black versus white, how we still need to fight for equality, etc.


For my inhale I annotated Martin Luther King Jr.'s

speech called "I Have a Dream". My goals

were to Investigate a persuasive speech and to Explore a text in a genre or form new to me.

I used the info I gathered from the speech to make my own speech with similarities, well still adding my own spin to it.

For my Exhale My goals were to create a speech where tone and mood interrelate, create a speech that develops and extends my own ideas and create a speech that notes key info and uses specific quotes. This helped me improve my speech to the next level.


Script for speech: An inspiration from Martin Luther King Jr. “I Have a Dream” speech comes to my interpretation of racism in 2022 as a speech I call “The Dream is Almost There” speech By Ethan Flaherty.

Three score years ago, a great man Martin Luther King Jr. gave his thoughts on racism and I believe his dream is still not finished. He came as a great hope to many black people and managed to achieve great things, but our work as Canadians is not done yet. We need to stand up for black lives and make Canada a country filled with equality.

Over 50 years later and still over 50% of black people in Canada have experienced racism over double the amount of the white population. Over 50 years later, over 20% of black people live in poverty. Over 50 years later and still only 3.5% of Canadians are black and we wonder why.

As King said, “In a sense, we have come to our nation's capital to cash a check.” and I believe that this so-called “check” has not been fully cashed out yet. We still have more money to cash out. More equality to spread.

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