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The spread of Cancer - Can it be that bad?

Can Cancer really be that bad? And if so, how bad can it really be? Can it affect you that much? Well, I'm here to answer that. To answer that I will be showing you my R2b project

that tells you all about cancer.

For my R2B, I had created a slideshow about cancer, and what it's about, I also had made a video and well as a script for my video.

For my goal, I wanted to finish the video and slideshow by the end of my deadline. I had two weeks of work time.

Before I started making the video I had to do some research first. I'm proud of my research because I had loads of information as well as other websites to back it up. I wrote all the information I got using the method "What, Why, Who, Where, When, How".

Pictures By Emma Yasinski

Once I had gotten all my information it was time to make them shorter and use the info I needed most to add to my slides. Using that, I put a little information in my slides and used the rest in my script. I added some details and with that, I had finished the slideshow!

Then after recording, I managed to finish it in time and finish my goal before my deadline.

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