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The T Podcast

For this project, I did a podcast about the NBA's Team Golden State Warriors and the Chicago Bulls. My goals were to research about them and find stats around them.

Hello, this is Tino giving you the Tea from hot takes around the NBA. For today's hot take we are going to dive into which team was better: the ‘96, 72-10 Chicago Bulls or 2016, 73-9 Golden State Warriors. SOUND EFFECT

First, let's talk stats. The Chicago Bulls’ defensive rating came out as a whopping 101.8% while only letting other teams get to 93.8 points a game. While the Warriors are playing their offensive side, they actually did a great job at the defensive end with a percentage of 109.1%! With only allowing opposing teams to score 89.2 points a game.

Now there are many arguments that Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time (GOAT), but 2016 was Stephen Curry’s best year of his career and his stats were incredible. One could argue even better than Michael Jordan, the GOAT. For instance, Curry would rank first in points per game (PPG), minutes per game (MPG), steals per game (SPG), three points made and attempted (3 PM and 3PA), free throw percentage (FTP), and free throws made (FTM). Steph averaged 30.1 PPG, 6.7 APG, and 6 RPG. And was named the first-ever and only Unanimous MVP in NBA history.

Michael Jordan's stats were also just typical for him. In 1996, Jordan averaged: 30.4 PPG, 6.6 RPG, 4.3 APG. MJ would win his 4th MVP Award, 4th NBA Championship, 4th Finals MVP award, and 10th All-Star appearance.

It would seem that Stephen Curry and his Warriors would be the obvious choice here. Their incredible record-breaking wins along with Stephen Curry’s unbelievable year would seem to be an easy decision. However, there is one statistic that the Warriors came up short on. And arguably, the most important one. Winning the NBA Championship. When MJ played for the Chicago Bulls they played 6 final games and won six NBA Championships and could arguably beat any team but that changed once the Warriors dynasty started. However, many people would say that if the Warriors had a healthy roster in the Finals and Draymond Green didn’t get suspended for 2 games, they would have beat Lebron and the Cavaliers. Unfortunately, we’ll never know.

So which team would win in a 7 game series? In my opinion, I think a healthy Warriors roster would win a 7 game series because

although they aren’t better defensively, their offensive side is the best the NBA has seen. I feel like the ‘16 Warriors would win against the ‘96 Bulls when you compare the whole team roster against the whole team.

Now for individual matchups, the Bulls have a slight edge over the Warriors. Michael Jordan would easily win against Klay Thompson. Curry would most likely win against Scottie Pippen. And Draymond Green's matchup with Rodman is a close one, but Rodman would win because of his hustle and mentality. So matchups are going to the Bulls.

So that’s the Tea from Tino, thank you for listening and tune in tomorrow when we discuss my bets for Coach of the Year at Griffith Woods. Will it be Mr. Molenyeux, Mr. Innes or will Ms. Hoeksoma make it to the top?

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