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Things Chloe Doesn't Want you To Know

Chloe is a student at Griffith Woods School, she is 12 years old and lives in Calgary. She has a sister and a dog. She likes to learn Social Studies, Science and Room to Breathe!

Outside of school Chloe enjoys hanging out with her family and friends. She loves to play with her dog though she doesn't like walking her. Her favorite colors are blue and purple.

In the winter time Chloe is in a ski racing program, so in order to do that she has to go to her condo in BC every weekend in the winter time.

Chloe enjoys travelling to visit family and one of her favorite places to go is Mexico. She would love to visit places like Paris, Tokyo, Australia and Spain.

Some fun facts about Chloe are: she was born in London England, she loves to go camping, her favorite food is pizza, and she loves going boating on the lake with her friends.

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