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What Can I say Except "I'm Sorry"

The classic Moana song reimagined

For this project, I worked with Maya to watch the Disney film Moana and analyzed the cultures and perspectives within the movie. Our favourite part of the film was the song 'You're Welcome' sung by the one and only Dwayne Johnson. This led us to think about how this film shaped our views on Polynesian culture. This gave us the idea of rewriting the song based on how some people see the Canadian Culture. When listening to the song we'd like listeners to see if they thought some of these stereotypes were true or have been stereotyping other cultures based on movies or things they've heard.


We’re in Canada now

You’re face to face with a moose and it's strange

You don't even know how to feel

It’s adorable eh?

Well aren’t all Canadians the same

Open your eyes, let’s begin

Yes, it’s really Canada

Breathe it in

Everything is white

The ground, the bears

And everything is freezing cold

What can I say except, “I’m sorry”

For the snow and endless winter

But, it’s okay, it’s okay

Don’t worry

We’ve got our Timmies to keep us warm


What has gravy, french fries and cheese

You guessed it!

Canadian poutine!

When it’s time to eat

What goes on our food?

Maple syrup, eh!

Oh, also we have the best bacon

And ketchup chips

If you can’t tell we have great food

Also, we love to apologize

(My bad)

For everything that we do

So what can I say except I’m sorry

For accidentally pushing you

I’m just gonna say, all-day

I’m sorry

I guess I don’t like to be rude

I’m sorry

I’m sorry

Well, come to think of it

Kid, honestly we’re not that nice

We stand on two blades and skate down the ice

The goals, the fights, the fans

Oh, don’t mess with Looch cuz’ he is the man

We are a team

This is our sport

Canadians down to the core

We are the best

What can you say?

Can’t stop McDavid when he’s on a break-away

And everybody that lives up here

Has played since they were a year

Look at these kids

They are practically pros

Skatin’ like blurs and scorin’ those goals

(Ha ha ha ha ha ha, hey)

And, once again, I’ll say, “I’m sorry”

For ranting on and on ya know

I feel so bad, so bad, I’m sorry

Well, come to think of it, I gotta go (eh!)

I’m running late, so late, I’m sorry

‘Cause I'm going to need that sled

I’m sliding away, away, I’m sorry

But I can’t miss the Flames game again

I’m sorry

I’m sorry

But, thank you


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