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What Needs to be Done

For my 3rd project, I used goals 5 and 7 for my inhale and 16 for the exhale. I read and listened to several persuasive texts, then created my own. I made a podcast called 'What Needs to be Done'. It is a podcast about racism and discrimination in our society and what we can do to change it, and why it's necessary to change it.

Racism and discrimination is a big part of our society and impacts our everyday lives even if its not noticeable some times it still happens. We are all human, we have the same organs, so what does it matter if we look different, have different coloured skin, or take part in different practices/traditions. We shouldn't be treated or treat people differently because of these differences. of it. People shouldn't have to live in constant fear because of their race People shouldn’t have to feel bad, discriminated against, targeted, or have to worry about something happening. This needs to change. And this is what needs to be done.

I think it is important to live in a society where there isn't racism and discrimination. No one should be treated better or worse just because of their race. Even if you don't have the same opinion about this, topic I feel like it's important that you do because it is a serious matter that needs to be changed. Hopefully by reading and listening to this it will convince you to change and think before you act because it can and will impact someones life.

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