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When a Hostile Relationship Make a Huge War

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Today, we have a huge war between Russia and Ukraine due to their relationship becoming hostile. In my last room to breathe project, I annotated a news video on CBC about what happened in Week 10 of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. I found out how TV journalists share the news, I wrote news about Ukraine, and I researched some things that are interesting.

The news video started with a gun fire sound. Opening of the news summarizes the video, and I would see that war was happening in Ukraine. As what I heard at the beginning of the news was a gun firing sound, and it made me scared of war, because in my life my family did not get into a war. Then the news reporter connected the topic to Ukraine. In caption they wrote that “Russia unleashes attacks on rail, fuel stations in central and western Ukraine, and U.S. secretary of state visits Kyiv, pledges fresh aid and praises Zelensky’s courage.” I guess it is a brief summary, so they showed it as a caption. The news reporter did not say the exact sentence but it was more complicated. Here is the most interesting thing I heard, that Russia’s top diplomat warns Ukraine against provoking a third world war, because as I said I did not get in trouble with the war so that made me to imagine the world with a terrible war. Maybe the news reporter added that sentence to make listeners focus more about the news, and it worked for me. That was the first half of the news

After the first half, the news reporter led us to Poland and Bulgaria. Mateusz Morawiecki, Polish prime minister says “We will do everything to charge Russia with contractual penalties because this action is not legal and not contractual.” Like everybody else, I felt his feeling behind the sentence, anger. I realized that sentence made me feel empathy to share their feelings. That is the reason why Poland and Bulgaria refused to pay in rubles to counter Russia’s economy. Then Ursula Von Der Leyen, the president of the European commission says that the Kremlin uses fossil fuels to try to blackmail them. “This is something the European commission has been preparing for, in close cooperation and solidarity with Member States and international partners.” She ends her sentence by saying that their response will be immediate, united and coordinated.

For the last part of the news video, the news reporter talks about Mariupol, a city in Ukraine. A third mass grave has been detected near Mariupol, and thousands of people remain trapped at Mariupol. One citizen said “It was a massacre. Scary thing, when the shells were flying over. Shells , rounds and all such, you can’t brave it out,” which made us feel empathy again. The UN chief draws attention to horrors as he visits Ukrainian mass gravesites. Civilians always pay the highest price, maybe because there are only a few civilians or many of them die, in my opinion. Ukraine slams Russian attack on Kyiv during UN leader’s visit. Russians made statements targeting and destroying nearby factories that were making rockets and missiles. I think it's to decrease the power of Ukraine, but that statement did not mention any of the damage to residential buildings nor did it mention that this strike was deadly, so it directly connected to damages and injuries, even death. Zelensky, the president of Ukraine says that Russians are trying to humiliate the UN. The news ends with showing a citizen who was nervous of the war and deaths of people who she loves, and that made my tears.

For the brief summary, Russia warned the West against provoking a Third World War if leaders continue to intervene in Ukraine, while top officials from the U.S. and the United Nations visited Kyiv and assessed the horrors of mass gravesites east of the capital. The Kremlin also cut off natural gas to Bulgaria and Poland. I liked the captions for important things or translated sentences, which will be in my exhale project. Notes and References

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