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Who is Maya

Maya is a student at Griffith Woods school located in Calgary. She was born in Britain, Coventry, and lived the first few years of her life in Saudi Arabia. In 2012 Maya and her family immigrated to Canada. Maya has quite a strong sense of justice as she wants to take on being a law student when she grows up. She enjoys trying to form opinions about situations with the least amount of biased thinking. Maya also takes an extra math course outside of school which she rather dislikes.

Maya loved to watch movies and tv shows as a kid and still does. She specifically liked to watch mysteries and comedies. She later began to take a liking to reading manga and books, which grew on to give her a love for writing fiction stories. Along with that hobby. Maya has one older sister who was a talented artist when she was young and still is. So Maya learned how to draw at a young age to rival said sister and still draws to this day, but now she draws for enjoyment instead of a rivalry.

Maya enjoys the winter season and rain, she finds the snow and rain slowly falling to be rather peaceful and a good excuse to stay inside. So when it does snow she likes to make herself some green tea and sit silently and look out the window. When she has free time Maya likes to play video games and lounge around the house. Maya lives a rather quiet life and has tons of free time that she enjoys very much. She’s very grateful and happy with the life she has.

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