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Why You Should Play Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

T.A.B.S. is a Area of control strategy game, and here's why you should try it

For my inhale i played the game and took notes on the different units and answered a few questions i was wondering about. For my exhale i made an analysis on the unit strengths and weaknesses, drew them, and i also made an explainer video about the game.

The Medieval Faction (Formerly called the Crusaders) is the stereotypical medieval and crusader Unit, such as the swordsmen, the Archers and also the Knights, as well as simple artillery units including the Catapult. It is one of the 14 factions in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.

Although they offer some unique Units, such as the Bard (Which is a distraction Unit), they also have a healing Unit, the Healer, the second Unit to heal others (The first being a unit called priest which was scrapped), and a very early example of a support unit. They mostly have melee units that fight with swords. They are balanced, but most of the units are considered melee (The ones that aren't are Healer, Archer, and Catapult). This faction offers one of the most cost-effective basic infantry in the game, the Squire. The faction's name was changed from "Crusaders" to "Medieval" due to the faction being based mostly on medieval warfare (5th century-to-early 15th century) instead of the crusaders, who came along in the 11th~13th century.

Bard: This unit is nearly useless in every way. It costs 60 and it has no melee attack and only runs away. It’s only use is baiting enemy units into ambushes

Strengths: Baiting

Weaknesses: Everything

Squire: This is a basic melee unit. It costs 100 and is useful for basic counters and to protect your stronger units

Strengths: Protection, Basic melee, swarming

Weaknesses:Ranged units, stronger melee units

Archer: It is essentially the basic ranged unit. Costs 140, very useful to take down lower health melee units or to weaken stronger ones.

Strengths: defeating lower health units and weakening stronger ones

Weaknesses: Longer ranged units, cavalry

Healer: Uses its staff to heal the unit closest with the highest health. Useful to support units with high health but very weak. Strengths: Healing friendlies Weaknesses: If you poke it it’d die Knight: Very strong melee unit with high hp. Costs 650, very useful for anything from breaking up front lines, to even charging ranged units Strengths:Strong attack, high hp, charge attack Weaknesses: Swarming, Other high HP melee units Catapult: very useful for area damage. Costs 1000, helpful for breaking up formations and swarming counter Strengths: breaking up formations, killing many units at once Weaknesses: Ranged units, any melee unit that makes it to the catapult The King: Very high health melee unit that is very useful to attack essentially anything. Costs 1500 Strengths: speed, health, attack damage Weaknesses: swarming, high damage attacks

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