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Yasmeens Biography

Yasmeen was raised in Calgary, Alberta and is a junior high student at Griffith Woods School. She has a Lebanese background and is often inspired by her background. Yasmeen loves sports like soccer and basketball and she is working hard to be a soccer player and a smart student. She likes to work her hardest so later in life she can pursue her dreams of becoming a surgeon.

Some of her hobbies include soccer, art, baking and cooking. She enjoys spending lots of time outside with her friends as well. She does these things in her free time or just whenever she gets a chance. She also enjoys spending time with her bunny caramel and just chilling with her friends and family.

At 13 years old she has already learned that no matter race, gender, sexuality or religion we are all people and we are all equal. Some people take many years to learn this and some people don't learn this at all.

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