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1980s Crises: Climate Change is still Present.

Since 2019, everything has been chaotic and this chaos is far from being over. Many tend to forget what still looms over us, another permanent catastrophe. Listen to my message and how I see our world because as of now, we truly have no more time.

In this Room 2 Breath, I focus on the topic of Climate Change. While considering inhale goal 5 (investigate a persuasive text, notice the elements to make it convincing, and then reflect on it along with how it impacts the audience) I inspected three diverse posters. All of these were unique but all had to do with the dire topic climate change and with that, I created my own poster.

In my Exhale, I focused on goal 16; a text that notes key information and purposeful quotations, summarizing major ideas and supporting details. Along with the poster, I also did some research on this topic and then came up with a little speech. This speech covers what we are doing to harm the earth and how great these impacts affect us as a whole; a nation.

In this whole project, I probably was really proud of how I made the grim reaper along with the trees disintegrating in riches. I would like you to notice all the details and try to make something more of it. This project was quite fun and informative and definitely something that I will start considering more in my day-to-day activities.

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