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A dive into the Wheel of Time: Shadow Rising Characters

In this project, Tristan and I enter the world of fantasy.

For our inhale, we read the book and made annotations on 4 of the characters. After we made drawings and critical analysis's about them. The characters we chose were Rand, Mat, Perrin, Moiraine.

The wheel of time is a very intriguing and elaborate franchise. One thing in particular that makes Wheel of Time such an immaculate franchise are its characters. They are consistently distinctive and each have their own personality that is expressed through their actions. Jordan also has a unique way to switch from perspective. Many consider the fourth book in the series “The Shadow Rising” to be the best book in the franchise. Here, we take a quick, in depth analysis of 4 characters in the book .

Rand: Rand is a significant character in the franchise. He’s like Luke from Star Wars. From a farm boy to an adventure. Throughout the franchise, he learns more about his heritage as he realized his parents were not his biological parents. Rand is very different in this book compared to how he was in the previous books. It’s hard to describe, but Rand here is very quiet or intimidating even. In the previous books, he was more of a chill typed person. His friends start to take notice of this. Rand uses a portal stone to teleport himself, Mat, Moraine, and Egwene from Tear to the Aiel Waste. Rand enters a place called Rhuidean which supposedly gives you some info for the future in a way. Rand comes out with dragon marks on his arms, proving He Who Comes With the Dawn. Rand fractures the Aiel by telling them their past Rand had previously discovered. This causes a big fight within the Aiel Waste. After the fighting, most of the Aiel joined sides with Rand. Rand is now in a position of power. Being He Who Comes With the Dawn, having individuals joining his side, and will be learning how to use the one power.

Mat: You can describe Mat as comedi1c relief, while also having significant plot relevance. While Mat doesn't have a lot of plot in this book, he does have a fletched out story. One time in the book he was gambling with some people, and after they were distracted by something, he took all the money which was hilarious to read. His personality is everywhere. Sometimes he's goofy, sometimes he's dead scary. His character is very interesting in terms of his style. Mat follows Rand into Rhuidean. And upon entering Rhuidean, he's nearly killed.

Perrin: Perrin is one of those strong, muscular people that have a gentle nature. He's a wolf brother, which basically gives him connection with wolves. He is patient, he thinks twice, knows how to restrain himself, and is a noble warrior. He travels to the two rivers to confront whitecloaks that we're rading the place. Perrin decides to take matters into his own hands. He manages to convert farmers around there to a defence force. They successfully defend the two rivers. Perrin is dubbed “Perrin Goldeneyes, lord of the two rivers”. Perrin is considered to be the best part of the book. He takes up most of the book, and his chapters are really the only ones that have action and suspense.

Moraine: Moraine is presented to be one of the most powerful Aes Sedai. Able to cast powerful spells capable of wiping out an entire enemy force. She is a noblewoman and well versed in politics as she is of the family Damodred, formerly leaders of Carhein and would've been Andor. She has a bond with her warden Lan and uses her skills to try to manipulate people to the Aei Sedai advantage. She is strong willed and calm, even in the most demanding situations

Try to distinguish wish character is which using the descriptions

(Due to unfortunate circumstances, Moraine was lost due to irresponsibility)

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