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About Taylan F


Taylan is a student currently living and going to school in Calgary, Alberta. She is pursuing an education at Griffith Woods School as a grade 8 student. Taylan enjoys a series of hobbies including baking, art, playing tennis, gymnastics, biking, playing board and card games, and several more.

When she isn’t taking part in her hobbies she is motivated to work on her schooling. Layered by dedication, compassion, and inspiration as a conscientious learner, Taylan strives to work her hardest to achieve her goals for a better future.

With a creative personality, Taylan uses different mediums of art to inspire her creations. These consist of watercolors, acrylic paints, pastels, graphite pencils, markers, and colored pencils. Taylan loves expanding her ability in art especially when she gets to do something she has never done before.

In addition, Taylan enjoys spending time with family and friends. She is happiest when spending time outdoors doing activities like going to the mountains for hikes.

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