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You Will Be Impressed By The New Chacket

The new chacket is a jacket designed for everyone! It keeps you cool in the boiling summer while keeping your fashion top-notch. Discover the great offers and deals that this marvelous jacket comes with and what others have to say about it.


For my inhale I watched and researched several parodies of telemarketing commercials to get a sense of the skills I need to make my telemarketing video. My inhale goal was to investigate a persuasive text and my exhale goal was to collaborate with a peer to interpret a text together. I'm proud that I was able to collaborate with a peer without any struggle because that makes me a better communicator. I'm also proud of my editing because I'm not very good at editing but I feel as though I did a good job when making this video.



Information on telemarketing and telemarketing videos :


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