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Multiple Factors From the show Hellbound Overlap Perfectly, But What If It Didn't?

If Ms.Park refused the offer, what could it change in the story? and what could occur in the meantime?

In this story, we will be dive deep into the character's actions, decisions, feelings and emotions during the course of the story.

She ran home through the rain, waiting anxiously to see her two children, praying for their safety. Her job hunting was left in failure. A single mother of two wouldn’t be the target employee for the harsh streets of Korea. Her eyes red from the tears flowing down her pale face. The loss of wealth cost her much more than she needed to survive, living off the past, not making room for the future. Her two kids were all in her lonesome life, everything was for them. Nothing was ever given to her, never in her poverty-stricken life.

She arrived at her apartment building, the cold, lifeless colours matching the mood of just about everybody there. A new video surfaced of a man being attacked by demon-like creatures to death, clearly CGI. She walked up the vandalized stairs, a feeling of distress and discomfort fit well with the walls. Scratches and art, not the greatest duo. The soft sound of the wind was heard, the empty building echoing the horrors they had faced. The residents of the building all feared their current living conditions, and the new video going around. The information going around was scarce but terrifying. A prophecy of death a few days before the arrival of three demons would scare anybody, but not Park. Death wasn’t too bad.

Pain and agony, something she’s been feeling her entire life. A bunch of A**hole partners, and two kids, you can find the connection. As she arrived at her door and fiddled with the silver key, she felt cold. She felt empty and lifeless, her gut feeling was bouncing off the walls. She opened the door to find a quiet dark room. A flash of light to the left had her startled, the singing not so much.

“Happy Birthday Mom!” Her kids sang as a large smile flew across

her face, she’d been so overwhelmed she forgot about her birthday. A touching moment, as she hugged her kids, a voice appeared. The eldest child still recording, a dark cloudy face spoke to her. Park Jeong Ja, in 5 days at 11 PM you will die. You are bound for Hell

Her heartbeat rose, like a phoenix in the ashes. Was this her prophecy? For the first time in a while, she’s been happy, and it’s being taken away. Her kids sobbed, scared as to what they had heard. Her eyes widened, Destined for hell? It confused her, she started to cry as well, in a moment of distress. They slept shortly after, together for one of the last times.

Day 2, 7:20 AM 4 days, 3 hours, 40 mins from Hell…

She woke up again, not feeling different. Her prophecy has arrived, to atone for her sins? She wasn’t sure as to what she had done. She got up, started her morning routine and drove her kids to school. Them crying the whole way, not wanting to go to school and stay with her. Regardless, she still went. Another day of torture awaited, one of five days available to breathe, she began her research. A new cult surfaced named “The New Truth” maybe they had leads. The only proof she has is that prophecy luckily captured on her son's phone. 4 hours left until she met with her son again, she found the cult's number and journeyed to their building. As she appeared at the well-fashioned and clean building, she stood confused. Questions popped up in her head wondering if this was the correct answer. Alas, with no other choice, she entered the empty building.

Before this meeting, she had phoned them about her leads, but she wasn’t expecting an ambush to happen on site. She woke up, confused and scared, she wasn’t restrained which was the confusing part.

“ Hey! Where am I?” She questioned the silence. She sat, lonely and regretful of her decision. A whole 2 minutes passed before the silence was broken.

“You, you’re within the new truth. I apologize for our violence, we have encountered large amounts of danger from strangers such as yourself, so precaution is a must. We heard about your case and have an interest in investigating this. May we have the video recording beforehand?” The man seemed friendly, but he had an eerie feel to it. The smile he planted on his face seemed to trick many others, but not her. Though unemployed she was still smart, she could feel like he was hiding something. Something dark, something that could reveal too much about somebody.

“ My son is currently at school, may I send the video in a short while once he replies?” She was trying to stall, but it wasn’t fooling him. He had an intelligent feel to the way he shaped his speech.

“ Sorry, I am not sure if I was clear. You are the one in trouble, we can help you. In the case that you may disagree, We can strike a contract with you. If you allow us to record the time of your death we shall reward you with a nice sum of 4,000,000,000 Won.”

The offer was too good to reject, but it was evil. Her kids would live, as long as she committed an atrocity for the world to see, an unhonourable death. She left to find other sources, a law agency popped up in her searches, the phone number appearing underneath the bright ad. She gave them a call and requested Min Hye-Jin, the announced person in the ad. A trusted lawyer to reveal the secrets and evidence of the case. She scheduled an appointment the next day, today she was finished.

Day 3 4:33 AM 3 days 6 hours 27 mins from hell…

Her heartbeat raised as the day was moving, inch by inch, closer to damnation, moving to endless torture. She didn’t sleep a wink, she couldn’t, there was too much to unravel. Her bloodshot eyes looked around, her kid’s soft breathing and their chubby faces were the only things she felt calm about. The colourful wallpaper stared right back at her. She got up from the creaky bed, the peeling wallpaper seemed to move, she was going insane. She walked out the door, to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water, so exhausted, yet so scared. Her shaky legs gave up and she dropped onto her couch. Her vision went blank, it was silent, quiet, peaceful.

The following morning started similarly, a sleep-deprived mom, and two terrified kids. Her appointment was soon to come, the questions could be passed onto another. She only prayed that the lawyer could make sense of it, but what good was praying if you’re going to Hell anyway, god wasn’t on her side nobody was.

She walked into the beige building, and up the stairway of graffiti. She was met by somebody who sat her down.

Min Hye Jin will be here soon.” The woman said, she looked around, a sad building filled with sad people. Nobody looked glad to be there, nobody was happy just to be alive. She understood now, the gratitude of life could change a person forever.

The lawyer walked in, introducing herself as Min Hye Jin, the lawyer she requested. “Hello, I presume you are Mrs. Park?” asked Min Hye Jin

“Yes, it’s only Ms. partner left a long time ago.” She Answered,

“I apologize for the question, let us begin with the case. I understand you were given an offer to broadcast your “prophecy” in exchange for a large sum of money from the ‘new truth’?”

“Y-yes, that is correct. I didn’t agree, but they gave me a deadline on when to answer.”

“When is this deadline?”

“Tomorrow,” Her legs started to shake, even thinking about the horror horrified her. The pain she would have to go through would be unbearable, Her sobs would burn. She snapped back to

Reality. “ I’m thinking about agreeing with the terms”

“ Well I feel like it’s an unethical offer that would just spread the craze and all the panic around, plus it could scar your children.”

This left her shocked, this never crossed her mind, the fact of the video going public and showing her children a gruesome death, wasn’t what she desired, money can’t have the potential worth of lifetime trauma. “ O-Ok, I agree with you, I shall not accept the offer if you

promise me, you will take care of my children, please, I beg of you” She cried, the desperation was showing and the sobs were flowing. Her heartbeat grew as the sob grew louder, her spirit gave up on her, her one weakness was her children, the only joy in her dark, emotionless world.

" I promise, I will find a home for them."

Day 5 8:26 AM, 2 hours 34 mins away from hell...

The offer has stood rejected, the only hard part was to create an evidence-free site to die. The crying and the panic in her head pretty much filled her brainpower, but they needed a way for the new truth not to use her death as a case. She fled to a nearby abandoned fishing spot and stood in the icy cold water, nearby Lawyer Min was standing by, making sure it was safe. Her kids were still home, calm and silent. The water seemed to adjust to her skin, her pale face stood shivering with her bloodshot eyes. Her skin turned pale and the goosebumps seemed permanent. She looked around frantically, the time counting down, only 30 minutes left until endless pain and torture. Her sins were to be paid for in a blood debt. Her blood would be spread amongst the river's waves, her skeleton sinking to the bottom. The thoughts of pure depression had taken her mind to wander, away from the cold river, with 10 minutes left. It seemed all fine until a sound was heard to the left.

"You thought you could hide from your sins? I struck you a deal Ms. Park, the choice was yours to decide."

Lawyer Min chased the shadowy figure with the camera, it seemed as if the new truth had found them, now recording

illegally the death of Park. The panic would spread nevertheless to the choice of her contract, it was the wrong choice, her kids would suffer both ways. lights shined in her eyes, revealing her hunched back and her bloodstained blouse, a man walked into the freezing river to turn her to the camera, the floppy mannequin fell into the water, the shallow river basin. They filmed the death of a mannequin, Lawyer Min fled as they shouted with anger. Her kids were halfway across the country, her thoughts were filled with them, the only two people to stick by her side,

"I love you two, please don't forget that" she cried as she thought about the reality.


Mother Of 2




"Mom, come back, please. Mom, come back!" He cried as he slept in the cold streets, after Lawyer Min's death they found themselves homeless, they dared not to go to an orphanage, they would be abused brutally, relentlessly. The cold streets and their two lone sleeping bags would turn out to be a poor situation. She did what she had to do, she had to refuse so that it wouldn't cause a panic. The only worry was, they couldn't sleep safely and soundly. 4 years had already passed, they'd gone from place to place, scrounging around for small pieces of coins or cash. Trying to do odd jobs, eating trash, it was a sad sight. They have barely survived, their old home had been trashed by the new truth in an attempt to find evidence of sins. Every day he cried, for her to come back, even his sister got sick of it. The new truth was still a small organization, even though it had grown, it wouldn’t be as large as it could’ve been if the decree was public.

As they slept they were awoken by a mysterious shadowy figure in the dark alleyway. Believing it was people from the new truth, he aggressively shouted at them, trying to defend his sister.

“ No need for shouting, your mother wouldn’t have wanted that.” The voice echoed in the dark halls.

“ Who the hell are you? Don’t speak of my mother!” He replied, now aggravated and sleepy. The figure walked out of the alleyway, with a large scar on her face. His eyes widened.

"Lawyer, Min?"

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