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The Squid Game Podcast Review of 2021

Squid Game Has became a popular world wide show and is being reviewed by Logan, Sebastian and Emmanuel


In our inhale, we use the goals 8 and 12 . Our podcast group goes and watch the popular and entertaining Korean Netflix show to give it our personal response, review and opinion about it. There are mixed emotions within this show and other hidden meanings that lays secretly in parts of the film. It is a Really enjoyable experience and is a very addictive and perfect for people who like to binge watch TV shows.


In our exhale we chose goal number 14 which is using technology to make a video and so our group has created a review podcast all about the some details and interesting parts of Squid Game. we have used the app Imovie to create the our podcast and have included our jotted down notes that has many key info on the peak of the show and converted all of our information into a video.

If you are interested on watched our review of the show, click here to watch the full video.

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