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All about Farida F.

Updated: May 31, 2022


This is Farida.F’s biography. She’s a Griffith Woods student in grade 8 and has many hobbies. She loves drawing on paper, and digital too. Mainly drawing dragons and fictional characters. She loves listening to music, and listens to all types of music. She does sports such as swimming and tennis in the summer. She has gone to swimming classes and loves helping her siblings learn how to swim. SAYYYYLAYYYYYYSKAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY I LVEO SIWIMINGGGGGGG ASYSSSSSS YASSSSS I 1L11OVE1 11FARID1A 11F111F.AAYTO FOR LIVE. NO ,333<33333333<33333333333333333333333333333333333333<33333333333333343333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 Loe y'all love yalll I love yelan1 same ijorhoweiwereoiwhroiwehriowehroiwehralwriwerlaweuhrawerhaweluhrweiurhwaieurhiwueahrwiuehieuwahruiwehrwiuehrwaiuerhawieurhwiaeuhiwuehrweiuhrwuaerhaewiuhriawlereuhrelwauhrawleiuhrwalieuhrwalieuhrewialuhrelwairwlahrwleurwhaerhiwealurhweuwuehlreuwhrlrhilweuhriwahriweuhriwehriwahriuweahriuwehruwaehriwauhrialwuehriuewhriuwaehruiwehriwalrhliwckjxzbcjzxcbkjzxckjzxbckjxzbckzjxbkjzxcbkjzbckjzbckjxbzcbkzjbcxjbzjskbzxckzsbjzxsbjzkcjszcbkjsbcjksbjkscbjkszbjbcjszkjbbkszskbcjkscjbzksjckjzckjzcbkjsbcjzsbckzjsbczkjsbckzjbckzjsbcjkzscbblfdeaywguiwfeiuweguigfuigweguuiuigefwiwugffgiweuiwuefgiwuefgwieufgwiufgwiegfiwufgiuwgfiufgettaeetaetaeteaateateateafdzzddgxgfxgfxgfxgxgdxhthttutfutb

Farida’s favorite subject is science and math. Mainly science because of space, stars, universes, etc. She likes traveling and being outside. Going out walking with her family is very fun and exciting, like on nature walks or even walking around the city! Seeing animals on nature walks can be rare, but it's awesome if she sees a deer or a bunny! She loves being indoors too, to do things such as cooking, and playing video games! She cooks with her family and loves helping making sweet things like cakes. Trying new food is also very nice! She tried many different kinds of food such as Egyptize food to Indian food!

Egypt food:

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