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All About Kate F.

Kate is a thirteen-year-old eighth-grade student in Calgary. Her favourite subjects are social studies and science. Kate spends her time reading, listening to music, hanging out with friends, and baking outside of school.

This is Kate’s ninth year of ringette with South Calgary Ringette, though she has been skating longer. Through her mom telling her about her experience with the sport she joined. More recently Kate started softball and is going into her fourth year. Catcher and shortstop are her preferred positions.

Young adult fantasy, dystopian, and romance are her favourite genres of books. Kate re-discovered reading during the pandemic and is now trying to read one hundred books by the end of the year. Her favourite way to pass time is to watch Downton Abbey or visit second-hand book stores.

When she isn’t playing sports or reading Kate loves to be creative. During the isolation she started baking, this led to a lot of different experiments in the kitchen. She loves to make all different types of art, but her favourite is painting

Kate is currently attending Griffith Woods School and continuing to do the things she loves.

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