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All About Radin H.

Radin is a 13-year-old born in Iran that lives with his two parents, older brother and labradoodle. After a lot of moving countries, Radin settled in Canada at the age of 3 and has lived there his whole life.

When he’s bored, you’ll see him hanging out with friends, at the gym, or playing video games. Radin’s two favourite subjects in school are science and language arts.

Radin has played hockey for seven years and has played for the Trails West Wolves the entire time. He plans on quitting hockey next year to focus more on weightlifting and school sports. Radin plans on becoming the best version of himself in the next few years.

While he is currently in Grade 8, Radin plans on taking partial IB at Western High School to further go to the University of Calgary for his undergrad (Biomedical Sciences) then the University of Toronto for either med school, dentistry school, or optometry. Radin plans on being either a dentist, optometrist, or family physician.

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