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All about Sawyer G



Sawyer is a 13 year old boy who was born in 2008 in Ontario. His dad is a Marketer and Mother is a teacher. Before moving to Calgary he used to live in Pickering Ontario. In Pickering he went to a school up until grade 2. At the time of moving all of his close family lived in Ontario and still many of them do.

In 2015 he moved to Calgary with his Dad, Mom and brother. The reason he moved to Calgary is his Dad had a better paying job offer than what he had back in his old job in Ontario. He stayed in an apartment in the city for about a month then moved into a house outside of the city. He has lived in the same house for his whole time in Calgary. In 2015 he went to Jennie Elliott for 2 years then moved to Griffith woods school in 2017.

His hobbies and interests are Basketball and Video games. He wants to go to Western .

In his future job he wants to become an architect or an engineer. One of the reasons he wants to have one of those jobs in his future is because it is in his family. The last reason why Sawyer wants to have those jobs is they can be both high paying jobs and have a lot of variety.

Sawyer still lives in Calgary with his family.

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