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Silvana, an insider's account

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Silvana wanted to be an actress ever since she was 6. It started with little skits & short stories, but soon it became way bigger. She started entering writing competitions & got one of her poems published in a competition for students all across Canada. Then she competed in the 48 hour anti-racism film competition & the film is now on youtube. And a few weeks ago, she nailed an audition with casting call and once her training finishes, she’ll work with agents & managers to then start trying out for movie roles.

In school Silvana loves to learn & mostly excels in Math & L.A. She also loves trying new things. When she’s not writing stories or reading books, Silvana fashion designs.

Since grade 7, Silvana has started publishing some of her stories online. She also found interest in journalism. She and the other young journalists write articles about current news & events.

Today Silvana still writes & acts. She is aiming to go to Hollywood when she grows up. For now she is just a student, with big dreams.

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