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All You Need To Know About Santi

Santi is a Canadian member and a student at Griffith Woods School, who likes playing basketball as well as soccer. He also loves listening to music and loves snowboarding in the winter with his dad.

One of his hobbies is playing video games and biking around the city in his free time and my hobbies during the winter are making snowboards or ski skateboards and going sledding.

He immigrated to Canada with his parents and his little sister in February 2018 from Argentina, Buenos Aires. Canada is a very good place to live in, it's pretty chill, safe and the people here are very kind. In Argentina, people are not as nice as they are here, but it's still a very nice place to live in.

He is very interested in learning more about our galaxy and how it works. What kind of stuff is there? Are there aliens? Are there more living people? He has many questions about it and it is a topic he loves learning about.

He likes making lots of friends and having fun everywhere!

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