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Amy's Bio🦶

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Amy was born and raised in Canada, and her zodiac is Cancer. She has lived there ever since she was born.

She is usually playing on her overworked, nearly broken Ipad every hour of the day. She doesn’t do anything interesting, other than spending half her life in front of a piano. Her parents signed her up for piano lessons at a young age, where apparently music would make her smarter in academics too. She is currently level 8 under the RCM system.

She also sometimes draws digitally, though her talent in art has gotten her nowhere due to usually giving up halfway through a drawing or spending only 1 hour on it.

She’s not really fond of sports. “Why be active when you can lay on your bed instead.” Occasionally she gets forced to do something like badminton, biking, basketball, etc.

Amy is now attending Griffith Woods School and is in Ms. Vandertoorn’s class.

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