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Anjanna’s Bio

Anjanna was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. She was born in 2008 so currently she is 13 years old. Anjanna has two loving parents and a little brother at home. She is enrolled at

Griffith Woods School and previously went to Panorama Hills School back in 2017.

Anjanna plays Volleyball outside of school and is currently trying out for a team. Some of her hobbies include watching Netflix, painting, listening to music, and reading only when she gets hooked on the book. She enjoys reading horror novels that make her adrenaline rush. Anjanna also loves hanging out with her friends and having a good time.

When Anjanna is older and finds a job she wants to be running the show with her own business. At school she enjoys learning language arts and writing short stories. Anjanna also likes learning about natural disasters and chemistry in science. Her favorite options are Fashion and construction because she enjoys creating new things either with power tools or something as simple as a sewing needle.

Climbing up mountains and swimming down rivers are something Anjanna enjoys doing on the weekends with friends and family. She loves being outside in the sun where she can go out to a lake or river. Even though she likes being outside Anjanna is a city girl at heart and loves to be strolling Downtown or at the mall, shopping!

Anjanna is a caring person that always cheers up her friends and family when they are sad. Freedom and Equality are the two most important things she believes in. She is outgoing and energetic and Anjanna is living her best life in Calgary Alberta!

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Yasmine S.
Yasmine S.
Jan 12, 2022

Yaaaaas Anjanna

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