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Biography Aidan-L

Updated: Jan 27, 2022


My name is Aidan-L. At the moment I am a student living in the average boring town of Calgary located in Alberta Canada.

As a student attending the eighth grade, I spend six hours of every little twenty-four-hour day getting taught about topics beyond my knowledge. It’s almost like a ritual every eight billion people on earth have gone through. Most people loathe school and I’m not saying I don’t... I just don’t love it. Due to the excessive amount of social interaction and "drama".

My hobbies strictly consist of various things but the most I indulge in is watching anime or as a large sum of irritating people call them, Asian cartoons. I partake in this hobby every day as if it’s on par with breathing. I go home and encase myself in darkness, sulking in my room, draining my life by watching anime and wasting all my time in life.

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