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International sensations, BTS, Kpop group came back after 2 years to perform their long awaited concert. Stationed at Sofi Stadium and with an audience of 57 thousand, they perform their newly released hit singles.

My inhale consisted of an annotation of a selected song that was off of the concert setlist. This included translations of Korean lyrics into English as well as a literal, critical, and inferential jot notes.

My goal was to explore a different view, one that was different from mine , and to take note on the creators culture.

Personally I'm especially proud of my inferential viewing since after looking back to it, I realized that my theory was in fact very inventive and logically.

Day 1

Hi ARMYS! First things first, I want to talk about tickets and how I got them. Basically, there is a presale for specific people. The initial group of people were those who had tickets to the canceled “Map of The Soul'' concert. This way, they could have dibs on the better tickets. Next comes those who have a BTS Global Official Fan club ARMY membership which is at a cost of $30 a year. Lastly comes the general people who may not have met those extra requirements. I personally chose to purchase the ARMY membership which my mom decided to do as well. Once we signed for it, we were told that we would be receiving emails containing the unique code of the presale. You use Ticketmaster to purchase and shop for tickets that you want. One tip is to not have more than one device open otherwise Ticketmaster will kick you out.

Once we finally get the tickets, I’ll skip to when we were at the stadium. So when you get there, if you are not looking for merchandise you are fine. I was looking for an ARMY Bomb at the time and the lines were insane. All of the ARMYS there were incredibly nice, there were also so many freebies that you could get, without getting in a long line. I am just saying, make sure that next time, you get there very early. I had to line up for entry at around 6:00pm then got in at 7:25pm.

The concert was absolutely amazing, it completely blew my mind and was so much more than I had expected. It was BTS’s first time being on stage since 2019 when they were planning to go to the “Map of The Soul '' concert so it was emotional for them, setting the mood of the concert as iconic and at the same time sentimental and epic.

All the ARMYS have the ARMY Bomb which is a light stick that connects to the concert settings by bluetooth and an app. This way, ARMYS could have their iconic Purple Sea. I should also mention that JungKook(a BTS member), his shirt ripped ;).

The order of their setlist could not be more perfect than it already was. BigHit decided to choose big, energetic songs with impressive choreography to further get the mood set into immense adrenaline and excitement such as “ON”, “Fake Love”, and “DNA”. Next came the playful, cheery songs such as “Life Goes On” and “Butter”. Finally they ended with “Permission To Dance”, their main tour song.

After the concert, getting an Uber or Lyft was not an option since nearly 57 000 people were trying to get one, and the network was slowing down to the point where it didn’t work at all. People were essentially stranded until 1am in the morning. We luckily found someone who was willing to share their Uber with us and bring us to our hotel.

Overall, getting the tickets was rocky but not impossible, the merchandise lines were insane, people were there at 4 am just to get some, and the concert was absolutely spectacular, even though trying to depart from there took a while, we got back tired but mesmerized with beautiful memories. I have to say, that day gave me the highs and lows, but I would love to do it again.

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