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Feminism Explained in Black Widow

This post will demonstrate feminism in black widow by a poster and a artist statement.

In my final room to breath project I decided to watch and read articles on feminism, and watch black widow while taking notes, for my inhale. I wanted to notice and recognize how feminism was involved in this moving because it was directed by a woman. I did goal 5 for my inhale, investigate a persuasive text... and for my exhale I did 10, create a text that uses strategies and techniques to build out your purpose and address your audience. I am proud of the connections I drew between them.

Artist Statement: Room To Breath#5

For my last room to breathe project I decided to choose something that will have an impact and is important. I chose to do a project on Black Widow, and how Marvel brought feminism into this movie.

I created a poster for the movie that represents it and a collage with scenes where feminism was recognized. What inspired me to do this was women's rights and how they should be equal also my love for Marvel movies. It is something so powerful and the topic needs to be recognized more in the movie industry and in general. This is the first Marvel movie directed by a woman and you can see the difference. Some examples of this is the clothing she puts the female characters in, their appropriate clothing and armor, and hair is out of their way as well. A scene in particular that I thought was empowering and is represented in real life was when Natasha and Yelena take down the “Red Room,” because the Red Room was essentially representing manipulation from men, and using women.

My poster/collage has a meaningful, inspiring, and bold message to it. If the viewer is a woman I want them to feel empowered and proud to be a women. I wanted to convey equality among all and recognize women. In the posters I added many feminist symbols to represent women and I had an 'X' across Drekoq’s face that means saying no to toxic men. The colours are black and red, which is the colour scheme of the movie. I think that many more Marvel movies and movies in general should be directed by women because they add more realistic aspects and have a lot to offer.

I hope you notice a difference in this Marvel movie and fight for Women’s Rights because, we do matter and everyone should be equal.

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