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Getting to know Rainbow Six Siege characters

Jäger, Thatcher, Sledge, Blitz, Smoke, and Doc, characters of the game called rainbow six siege. But as Pokémon cards. Credit to Pokémon.

My work for this room to breathe project is about a game on console and pc called rainbow six siege. It shows characters of the game about what they do, and there personality. I made them like Pokémon cards but changed a little. what I'm going to bet talking about is the characters and what they do.

My first character I'm going to be talking about is Jager. Jager is a character that is from Germany and speaks Dutch. He has a pretty shy personality and has social problems. He is on the defending side. His ability is that he can place this thing called an ads. It can remove grenades thrown at them. He is personally one of my favorite defenders to play.

One of the other defenders I will be talking about is smoke. Smoke isn't a warm or friendly person. But he is focused during high intensity situations. Like for example if its a 1v1 he is really focused. his ability while defending is that he can throw toxic smoke anywhere and just press a button and the smoke goes off. He has three of them and doesn't refill. But overall he is a pretty smart character.

The last defender i will be talking about is Doc. Doc is a wealthy person. He has all the money in the world. he could have turned into a villian but he decided to help people. He has a thoughtful personality. But he doesn't have much interest in being a doctor. He has a stim pistol. if you shoot it, it can heal anybody shot at. Teammates and opponent's. In the game one flaw is that he is so slow. Overall an amazing and helpful character.

Now on to attackers. the first attacker i will be talking about is Thatcher. Thatcher is a mysterious person. No one talks about him. But he is a focused person. his ability is that he can disable all technology around him but only for a bit. its called an emp grenade. He just throws it and it disables a lot of stuff like camera's, ads and etc. Overall he is a really useful person.

The second attacker name is Sledge. Sledge is a leader and has courage. people call him a " gentle giant." cause he is a big person physically and mentally. he has a lot of experience, that's why people made him the leader. his ability as you can tell by his name is that he can break walls using a sledge hammer. He could be strategic to.

Last but not least, i will be talking about Blitz. Blitz is a cool guy. He is physically and mentally resilient. But he has a sense of humor known as "goofy". He has a share of intense combat and he uses it when needed. He has a shield that can block shots. His ability is that he can flash enemy's while using his shield. In the game he is so annoying. He just flashes you from behind and eliminates you. Overall he is annoying and should get nerfed even though he got nerfed a bunch.

So overall the characters have pretty unique and boring personality's. They have a few ups and downs. There is way more characters but I'm not going to review all 31 characters. That will take to much time. My personal favorite character is probably is sledge. He is really inspiring. So that's pretty much all.

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