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Hana M biography #1


Hana M is an Egyptian/Canadian student who's currently in grade 8 and goes to Griffith Woods school. Hana has succeeded in football and art so far but still has a long way to go in her life.

At a young age Hana enjoyed making art but only realized she had a talent for drawing and stretching in her early teen years. She has a good eye for drawing fictional characters and human eyes. Hana likes to expose her art to friends and family because she sees it as a good way of receiving feedback so she could get better. The next step for Hana is to learn how to draw realistic drawings like humans, animals, view, and more.

Not only has Hana succeeded in drawing but she also made one of her biggest accomplishments this year by joining a soccer team which she was very proud about. Hana got the inspiration to play soccer from watching her favorite team (Liverpool) play and from then on the passion for football grew. Even though she always loved watching football and realized she was good at playing football when she decided to give it a go and since then she never stopped playing.

To top everything off, one of Hana's most proud accomplishments is her theater one that happened 2 years ago. Hana adore's watching Tv-series and movies but when she got to be in a play 2 years ago called "the help" she felt really proud of herself. She had to face playing a different character on stage which helped with her theater skills. Not only that the theater helped with her social skills as she had to read a whole scrip out loud in front of a whole lot of people which at the same time helped her confidence.

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