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Hardships and Triumphs of a WWII Code Talker

Through the Eyes of Ned Begay We See the Difficult Life of a Navajo Marine, and Code Talker of World War Two.

We created a book review of the novel "Code Talker" by Joseph Bruchac we then turned this into a Podcast . For our inhale we annotated and discussed from a different point of view than our own. Our goals were to collaborate with a peer, look at it with a different POV for our exhale we created a text that builds out to our audience and to create a text that communicates a theme. We are proud of how the script of the Podcast turned out to be. The script of the Podcast and the book review is below.

In the novel “Code Talkers”, Joseph Bruchac shows you the journey of a Navajo code talker in World War II. Through the eyes of Ned Begay, we are shown the hardships of a native American and Navajo marine. Joseph Bruchac paints you an image early on with historical facts that put you on the edge of your seat with twists and turns lined with cliffhangers. It is extremely unique and we recommend it to people who are looking to see the war from a different perspective, seeing it from a native American code talker. You also get to see that not all people are treated equally, not even Navajo marines. This novel shows a code talker's perseverance in the war and the hardships they went through before and while they were marines. Joseph Bruchac gives you a quick understanding with minimal details of a dark time during the war. This story is riddled with accurate facts to keep you glued through the entire story.

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