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Horror Anime Edit of "Another"

My interpretations on the theme of a horror anime being reflected in an edit of my creation.

Artist Statement - Sophie

For my Inhale part of this project, I chose to annotate the anime: Another for its genre. The goal was in any case, to explore a genre that I have yet to see. I have of course seen many horror movies, but never have I watched an anime that was based off of horror. This is because I really do prefer watching Anime's with a romance genre. I have a notes page with a template that I filled out, talking about how the genre is being shown. My exhale portion was to create an edit that portrayed the genre. The goal was to make a text that conveys tone and theme onto a particular genre. The evidence that I have is the page of notes and the edit itself.

First off, the audio that I used was “Play date”, by Melanie Martinez. I chose it because of the lyrics that it came with. It's also my favourite song at the moment. The most important snippet of the song is when she says “just me and you and you and me alone”. This connects to the plot line, where the girl and boy (Misaki and Kouichi) are treated as non-exis-

-tent by their own class, meaning that they really only had each-other. I spent a long period of time trying to cut the clips to be on beat with the song. If the clips were properly synced, then it would just be more pleasing to the eyes and that factor is very important so I made sure to spend more time on it.

You will notice that I have a warning at the start that cautions you of gore and violence; that was for fun but for an audience that isn't expecting it then it would be useful. Additionally you’ll see that at the starting half of my edit, the clips show happiness, sunshine, and smiles all around. Including the part where I lined up the lyrics with clips of the two main protagonists. Then there’s a black screen followed by a sudden change in theme. Everything is dark and basically all about death. I chose to use the black screen for dramatic effect, so then it could emphasize the sudden change of view. To explain in depth the second part, which is the important part, I specifically chose the deaths that I found the most entertaining to be in the edit rather than other deaths. I portray the evident distress, panic, and near insanity of the characters by giving scenes where they are struggling, tired, or in pain. The ending few seconds show the two main characters walking down the same hall, the background of burning flames. I arranged the clips to show the separate faces in order to secure a good ending for the edit.

In conclusion, I watched and annotated a horror anime in its genre, discovering that there are other genres in place. Like romance or mystery. Then I made an edit that portrayed the anime genre and my interpretation of it along with an edit audio that matches perfectly with my opinion. It was a simple edit which relied on syncing rather than fancy transitions.


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