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How an Evil cat became a Hero

The books of DogMan series are the books based on a police dog who has a cop’s body. All of the DogMan books start with a short and fun story. There was a cop and a police dog who got hurt in a big explosion. The cop's head and the dog’s body started to die, so the doctor connected the dog's head and the cop's body, and that’s how the dogman borned.

In the book Dog Man: Lord of The Fleas, dogman fought for justice against an evil group called fleas which stands for Fuzzy Little Evil Animal Squad. Our hero friends, dogman group couldn’t beat the evil group fleas but an evil cat Petey helped the dogman group and led them to victory. Petey was an evil cat but he helped the dogman group, because there was Petey’s son in the dogman’s group.

My favorite character is Li’l Petey, son of Petey the evil cat. He is a cute guy who belongs to the dogman group. He has a hero friend, a dogman, but his dad is a villian. This interesting setting made me laugh at the first time, but this setting made his dad become a good guy and ask for forgiveness. The leader of fleas tried to motivate Petey and bring Petey into their group, but his son Li’l Petey blocked it from them and motivated his father. In this situation Petey would feel tired but he would more likely follow his son. His son Li’l Petey tried hard to block the motivation from fleas.

My favorite part is where Petey, the villain cat, tried to teach his son to become evil. He kept telling his son that the world is filled with losers and bullys. Maybe the power of justice is too strong, his son, Li’l Petey didn’t go to an evil cat. Li’l Petey kept telling his father that he should stop being evil, and that’s how Petey helped the Dogman group and become a good cat. This is my favorite part in this book, because this part includes a brief quote. Also it gave ideas to readers and made the readers think more about the world and people.

Also, I like the part where the story takes place in the bathroom, because the author of this book used cool techniques called flashbacks from literary devices. This made the story go smoother and better. Also some of the young readers can search about literary devices and learn some new and interesting ways to add details.

For the first few scenes the book shows how the dogman borned and who his friends are. It says “A family who fights the forces of badness!” That is clearly a clue which shows and represents that something can happen later in this book. If Dav Pilkey wrote a story not a comic, it would be the context or subtitle.

Dav Pilkey, the author of this book, is using figurative languages and some fancy techniques to let people read this book, such as onomatopoeia. As I read this book, I found some fancy techniques that made people stay focusing on the book. This book is fun, but not just fun. This book is fun but when they give us important lessons they take it seriously, and this happens a lot in this book.

After I read this book, I was thinking about who this book is for. Before I read this book, I thought this book was for kindergarten children, but it was not for all, because this book contains a lot of advices and cool stories that can make readers think more about the world, and creates creativity in readers, such as creative and cool titles of each episodes, and some of the stories that contains deep and lot meanings. For example, there is a part where the story mainly goes by the imagination of readers.

If I could make a book, I would use cool techniques that I inspired by this book, for example, I would use onomatopoeia which is a text that contains sound effects such as boom, or pow. Also, I love books that make readers imagine the story byself, so my book would have a part where the story goes by the reader's imagination. I read three poems in my second room to breathe project, and my book can contain languages that I was inspired by.

For brief conclusion, this book isn’t just for kindergarten students, it can be for adults who are new to reading books or new to research and think about deep meanings. I want my readers read this book, to create creativities and think deep.

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