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Hunger games 2.0

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

by: NIKO, ALEX and antonio

We tried to recreate a scene from the first hunger games movie when katniss goes to buy the pin that she wheres in all the movies.

  • We read and watched the first hunger games

  • (Goals)1-1. Explore the topic and theme in a text.

between the two, and reflect on how they are interrelated.

  • 8-8. Collaborate with (a) peer(s) to interpret a text together. Use discussion strategies to help you all move you'er learning forward and learn from each other.

  • 12-12. Emulate the style of a particular creator (writer, filmmaker, storyteller, artist, etc.) or genre. Reflect on how the text features and language common to this genre or creator influenced your choices.

  • What were liked about the video-the use of props.



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