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Presenting: Sierra

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

An peek into the life of a fellow Grade 8.

Sierra was born in Xiamen, China. Her family comes from Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian. Although her entire family is Chinese, Sierra had barely spent any time in her home country at all. In fact, her family moved to France when she was just eight months old and due to her dad’s job, Sierra spent the early years of her life travelling all over Europe. By the time she was seven, Sierra had already been to twenty-four countries, getting a little brother along the way in Poland. 2017 introduced the beginning of a new life for Sierra’s family. At the age of nine, Sierra’s parents immigrated to Calgary, Canada. And on a comfortable street in a cozy home, that is the exact place she currently resides.

As a passionate student at Griffith Woods School, Sierra is always engrossed in whatever

she’s doing. An enormous appetite for learning causes her to often find herself absorbed in a book, or tuned into an assignment or project. When she’s not in school, Sierra has multiple roles she has to carry. Sometimes she’s an artist, sweeping paint across a canvas. Other times she’s a dancer, who sweats off the day’s stress in her ballet studio. On some occasions, Sierra’s love of writing can lock her away in her bedroom all day, the scratch of her pencil or the clicking of her laptop being the only sound you could hear for hours on end.

Sierra takes pride and pleasure in being able to make other people smile when they think of her. She tries to show the best side of herself at all times, even if it may take a bit of effort. With an appreciation for beauty and excellence, Sierra is always on the lookout for things in life that are visually appealing. To her, nothing in life isn’t worth looking at. Inspiration can be offered by a simple leaf on the ground or a small crack in the sidewalk. Everything, from the flowers spilling out of pots hanging from windows to the graffiti dripping off the walls in the city is a piece of art in her eyes.

Although she has many dreams she plans to pursue, and many roles she hopes to fulfill, during the occasional gaps of spare time in her schedule? Sierra is always with her friends and family, the few people on Earth who always know how to make her laugh.

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