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Is 'Grave of the Firefly' trying to put a real life situation in an anime?

The famous company, Studio Ghibli has always made history in the anime community as its art and story is both entertaining and impressive. But a movie 'Grave of the Firefly' has made many fans realized how realistic the topic is. The topic is about two siblings trying to survive a war. The main character, Seita Yokokawa, is the big brother of the little sister, Setsuko Yokokawa. Together, they help each other with support and care as the setting and time period is set in World War 2.

In this article, I'll be showing what I did for my inhale and exhale for R2B.


My goal was goal 2: Interpret and explain character's qualities and motivation in a text using purposefully chosen evidence to deepen understanding. I used a graphic organizer to collect evidence and used dots notes to analyze information then make connections. I'm proud of the critical inferences, I made a connection that the animation company was trying to convey a slight gruesome theme through the fireflies. Now looking back, I'm impressed I could even think of that brilliant interpretation.


For this project, my two goals were 12 and 14:

  • 12: Emulate a style of a particular creator. Reflect on how the text features and languages do this.

  • 14:Create a text that develops and extends your own ideas, opinions, and experiences. Provide evidence to support your ideas and opinions.

To emulate Studio Ghibli's style, I drew a piece of artwork (below). I used clip studio paint to make this drawing. I'm especially proud of the background because I don't really paint a lot of background. I also made an artist statement for this art piece, but I also put my ideas and opinions into it as well. Then I recored myself speaking my script. (Both the script and audio can be found below drawing).

For the artist statement/script, you can read to it here

For the audio, you can listen to it here

To learn about about this film, click here

(Warning: Website has everything about the movie, so there are going to be spoilers for those who haven't watched it. Read at your own risk)

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