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Isaac L


About Isaac L

Isaac is a 13 year old boy born in Canada who loves playing basketball and hanging out with his friends and family. Isaac has two older brothers that recently just moved away to Vancouver and New York to pursue their education in dental and computer science. His mother is a real estate agent and his dad is an engineer.

In his free time he loves to play basketball or video games. Isaac want to attend Western Canada high school and pursue his dream jobs to become either a dentist or an engineer because it can have high pay but also he would like to follow his dad or his brothers footsteps. His favourite subjects in school are “science” and gym. Outside of school Isaac mostly hangs out with friends, and sometimes even works as a real estate photographer to help earn him some money.

His love and practice for basketball awarded him a few gold medals and even a few MVP Awards. Still Isaac practices and works out at a local recreation centre called westside or outside his home constantly trying to be the best player he can. To help him improve he goes with friends and they push each other to their best limits.

Isaac still lives in Calgary with his family.

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