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Katy Perry and Taylor Swift Drama

In this essay I'm going to be writing from a point of view different from my own. This persuasive text is going to show you Katy Perry’s side within the Katy Perry and Taylor swift drama. Do you agree with Katy’s side or Taylor’s?

"@Katyperry knows how to throw a birthday party! I would even go as far as to say it was party-licious," Swift tweeted.

This was the point where both Taylor Swift and Katy Perry were great friends but that’s just before the whole confusion happened.The two always used to give very nice comments to each other's social media and they would both attend their extravagant performances. The two had a few conflicts that turned them into frenemies, starting with the freak out about the backup dancers. In 2014 “Bad Blood” was released and just before, Taylor had hired some backup dancers for the tour. However later on the dancers left Taylor to join Katy Perry’s “Prison” tour. Of course this upset Taylor and Katy didn’t seem to see the problem. This is only the start of the problems. Later on Taylor mentioned in an interview that “Bad Blood” was not about a guy but in fact losing a friend. At this point it almost felt like she was trying to make drama. Now I am going to jump into my point of view.

Throughout the whole drama there are parts where some people have different opinions, for example some people think Katy Perry is in the wrong or some think the opposite. Personally I think Taylor Swift is in the wrong for quite a few reasons. Starting up with the backup dancers, as you already know, this happened because Taylor Swift lost them to Katy Perry. I interpreted this of Katy Perry just hiring some backup dancers not knowing about them and Taylor. After Taylor told her that she was mad, Katy seemed hurt. As I said in the beginning about bad blood and how it wasn’t about a boy, making both mad or upset at each other. Here is something a fan asked to katy in an interview questioning the drama.

"Will you collaborate with Taylor swift." The fan said.

Katy responded with "If she says sorry, sure!"

Throughout the drama I noticed that Katy Perry was always hurt by the words of Taylor Swift and interviewers.Including actions as well, Taylor shutting Katy out was probably the biggest.

Swift said "I'm never going to talk about her in my interview. It's not going to happen." She went on to add that it was natural that she has "enemies."

However there were more things like she was getting hurtful messages from Taylor’s fans or losing a bit of popularity.

As seen in the last paragraphs there are all the details on why Taylor is in the wrong. This showed some behind the scenes that are known and some public announcements to show all notes and information. Therefore Katy Perry’s side of the story makes more sense and has a lot more reasons why hers is better. What do you think, is Taylor wrong here?

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